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Discover how you can increase warehouse productivity and strengthen carrier relationships

Online Carrier Portal

Simplify logistics planning with hassle-free scheduling, real-time updates, and essential information such as facility availability and PPE requirements.

Multiple Locations

Create as many locations as you need with the flexibility to add standard configurations or adjust them to serve the needs of a specific location.

Scheduling Rules Engine

Select from various scheduling rules to best manage your warehouse like minimum and maximum lead times, request/approvals, daily appointment limits, and overbooking.

Customized Availability

Create custom load types, durations, timings, and constraints for your facility.

Carrier Scorecard

Quickly see your top carriers by appointment volume and review performance for on-time %, late appointments, cancellations, no-shows, and reschedules.


Build custom reports or use our API to integrate your data with your internal reporting tools.


Monitor, notify, and analyze appointment data with tags. Create universal tags (e.g., "Damaged," "Rejected") or customize for specific notes, creating more fine-tuned data for greater accountability.

Appointment Audit Log

Maintain a clear record of appointment updates, including scheduling, status, and appointment detail changes, improving transparency.

Automated Notifications

Email notifications are sent to carriers and warehouse teams for appointment changes, reschedules, and status updates.

Document Upload

Allow users to upload documents to appointments like BOLs, POs, packing lists, or images of loaded products and damages.

Appointment Statuses

Easily manage your workflow with appointment statuses, ensuring transparent communication and detailed audit dashboards for all stakeholders.

Custom Appointment Fields

Create custom appointment fields for users to provide essential data such as PO#, BOL#, pallet/carton count, and more.


Easily integrate with TMS, WMS, YMS, and ERP systems. Exchange data to and from Opendock to provide more operational visibility.

User Roles

Assign the correct location(s) for users and select appropriate permission levels from our user roles, like owner, admin, operator, gate attendant, and spectator for different levels of access.

Easy UI/UX

Easy-to-read menus, clear workflows, drag-and-drop calendar grids, quick filters, and real-time updates so you aren’t forced to constantly refresh the page.

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Opendock For

Save time and money
having carriers book online

Lower Freight Costs

Decrease detention fees with appointments and reduce rates by making it easier for drivers to pickup and deliver.

Reduce Labor Costs

Free up warehouse staff with less inbound calls and e-mails by letting carriers schedule online.

Improve Visibility

Manage your warehouse with real-time status updates and dock appointment data that can be shared across the enterprise.

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Opendock For Carriers

Search for warehouses and book dock appointments all from one convenient application

One-Stop Shop

No more keeping a list of URLs, user names, and passwords for every shipper.

Easy for Drivers

Confirmation e-mails with appointment date, time, address, check-in instructions, and contact information for the warehouse.

Quick & Convenient

Schedule appointments online without making a phone call or waiting for e-mail responses.

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Opendock is
the industry’s
leading dock management

Opendock System
Opendock System

3,000 +


12 Million+

Annual Appointments



Save time and money
by having your carriers book online.

Kick that old, painful process to the curb, and move to online dock scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visibility - Ability to see upcoming appointments, carriers, and critical shipment information like PO #, equipment type, or pallet count before the truck arrives. Track any changes, updates, or cancellations throughout the appointment process.

    Efficiency - Eliminate first come first serve. Carriers can plan in advance to target specific appointment times and warehouse managers can ensure resources are available to load or unload the truck quickly without incurring detention fees or overtime costs.

    Data - Stop guessing which carriers arrive on time or handwriting in and out times on BOLs to measure detention charges. Record appointments and timestamps to provide data to clearly see dwell time, on-time %, and audit individual shipment notes for detention or chargebacks.

    Process - Put an end to e-mails, phone calls, and difficult-to-use spreadsheets. Phone calls and emails are time consuming and significant labor costs that can be avoided. Provide an easy process for your warehouse teams and your carriers to manage docks and schedule appointment times.

    Shipper of Choice - Providing a quality carrier experience with detailed facility information (amenities, check-in instructions), appointment times, and timely loading or unloading makes your facility more desirable for carrier partners. Making it easier for carriers to work with your facility has a positive impact on available capacity and shipping rates.

  • Yes. Dock scheduling software can be a stand-alone solution without requiring other systems. Opendock is completely independent and requires no other systems in place to deliver an appointment scheduling system including carrier online scheduling, rescheduling/cancellation, e-mail notifications, in/out time tracking, carrier scorecarding, and reporting/insights.

    While Opendock is a stand-alone system, it does offer APIs to integrate with existing systems as needed including WMS, TMS, YMS, or ERP systems.

  • Dock scheduling software is highly configurable and complexity is based on needs of an individual facility.

    At Opendock we typically implement a dock scheduling solution for a customer’s facility in 60 minutes. This is provided through our onboarding team in partnership with your supply chain management and operations team to ensure ideal configuration while providing training on how to use the software.

    The Opendock product is straightforward with an intuitive interface that users typically don’t require additional training sessions. We also offer a comprehensive knowledge base with training.

  • Opendock allows facility team members to log in times and out times for carriers based on their appointment. This provides visibility for the full duration a truck was at the facility and also provides the appointment time to ensure they arrived on time to be eligible for detention fees. Understanding dwell time with the context of appointment time helps measure the performance of loading and unloading teams as well as ensure accurate detention fee payments.
  • Yes. Opendock provides an API to customers which allows them to build integrations with other systems including WMS, TMS, YMS, ERP, and telematics providers.

    Most customers start using Opendock as a stand-alone product to get traction quickly with immediate benefits. After using the product it helps teams better plan the most effective way to integrate with other systems.

  • Yes. Opendock supports multiple locations. Company-wide visibility and reporting are two key value propositions for Opendock.
  • Yes. Carriers can use the “Carrier Login” button on Registering an account is easy and takes less than 1 minute, we just need a name, e-mail, and company name.

    No need to send a specific URL or instructions for your warehouse page. Opendock provides a carrier interface to search for warehouses by city, state, company name, or address. They can also favorite their most used locations.

  • Your carriers and brokers likely already have used Opendock and have an existing account. Opendock currently has 110,000+ registered carrier and broker users with nearly 60,000 active each month.

    If the carrier and broker have not used Opendock, we provide a 1-page overview that can be e-mailed to all carrier contacts. This overview will provide instructions for registering on and how to schedule an appointment.

    We recommend all load tenders include a note to “schedule appointments at” when origin or destination facilities are using Opendock.

    Opendock also offers and online chat support tool for all carriers if they have questions during the scheduling process. This allows us to help carriers immediately and without needing to reach out to any of our facilities directly.

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